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Chritsmas lunch
Warm Glow Christmas Day lunch ©The Sharp End


“This has been vital for physical and mental well-being in normal times even more so while shielding & Covid lockdowns For SE to have proper funding and acknowledgement of the vital services it provides to the vulnerable elderly, which is ultimately much less of a burden to the state or local Council funding if their health were to deteriorate. To provide access to virtual classes not just live but also to access recordings of those classes.” 
Anon 2021

“I was surprised to find myself there (recommended by a physiotherapist). And then I was surprised to find how much I liked and needed Sharp End to give a structure to my (retired) week, to find more people (not long in Hackney) with some interest in me (especially as I live on my own, especially in the knit and chat class and especially from the tutors), to actually make me physically fitter (astonished that I can now hold my arms up for ages in Tai Chi after the initial screaming pain). I am fortunate to have family in the next borough but if I had been completely on my own it would have been a life saver” 
Anon 2021

“The SHARP End has always been a place where I go, not just to exercise, but to see and talk to people, socialise, especially in the last year. The SHARP End has been very helpful in all aspects. I consider The SHARP End my available refuge”. 
Anon 2021